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Further Questions?

How can I sign up?

You can register directly on our website, just click on the menu item “Tickets”, fill out the registration form and send it off. You will receive a registration confirmation from us with the payment request and the corresponding bank details. As soon as we have been able to book your contribution, the registration is complete.

If the event is canceled for any reason, you will of course get your money back.

Can I also register as a dealer?

We would be very happy to have a few good dealers. We do not charge an extra fee – as a retailer, you also pay the regular fee.

The only requirement we have is that you offer high quality goods. We only want high-quality merchandise in place, which fits as authentically as possible into the time and regional framework (approx. 800-1,000, Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland, Slavs, etc …). We are not necessarily concerned with museum replicas, so we do not restrict ourselves stubbornly to grave reconstructions, which means that regional mixing in the product range is entirely permitted. It is important that the overall appearance fits, the products are as authentic as possible and fit into the time frame.

Is the BoB suitable for children / families?

Definitely! We are very happy if the BoB is not just a fighting event. For this reason we try to offer children and craftsmen an interesting program. We have planned our “kids action” and exciting workshops for this purpose.

Are there sanitary facilities on the premises?

Yes, there are sufficient permanently installed sanitary facilities (showers and toilets) on site – no toilet-wagons or dixies. 😉

Are there washing machines / dryers on the premises?

Yes, there are coin-operated washing machines and dryers available to you.

Are dogs allowed?

You are welcome to bring your four-legged friend, but we have to insist on a leash for safety reasons.

What do I do with my trash, leftover food, ashes, etc.?

Please do not throw ashes or leftovers into the adjacent forest. There are garbage cans and containers ready in which you can dispose of your rubbish.

Can I light a fire on the premises?

Of course you are allowed to make a fire in your braziers (firewood will be provided by us). However, the bowls must have a minimum distance of 40 cm from the ground in order not to damage the sward. We also ask you that an approved fire extinguisher is available at every fireplace.

IMPORTANT: Please do not dig holes in the ground!

Can I dig moats or holes?

No, please do not dig holes or other trenches in the ground. This would damage the extra water-permeable subsoil.

Can I cut branches from a tree in the forest?

No, please do not damage trees or other vegetation. Also, don’t drive nails into trees and the like.

Does my equipment have to be authentic?

Yes please! We attach great importance to authenticity. Certainly there are some modern everyday necessities that we all use. But that can usually be concealed / concealed.

We are not necessarily interested in a museum representation, so we do not restrict ourselves stubbornly to grave reconstructions, which means that a mixture of the regions in the representation is entirely permitted. It is important that the overall appearance fits, the composition is understandable and fits into the time frame.

What time and regional framework does the reenactment event cover?

Since we don’t want to restrict the presentation too much, the possibilities are relatively broad. Regionally we are in Northern Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland, Slavs … and everything that goes with it. The period is approx. 9th century +/-

If you are unsure, feel free to send us pictures of your equipment.

I want to take part in the fights, what do I have to pay attention to?

You can find all further information under “About”

IMPORTANT: If you have never fought before, the BoB is not necessarily the best time to start, as the fights are very intense and are fought at a high level.

What are the requirements regarding Corona?

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you that at the moment. As soon as clear information is available here, we will inform you.

Willy-Brandt-Zeltlagerplatz, Reinwarzhofen 17, 91177 Thalmässing, Germany

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